Book Review: Inheritance by Steven Savile - The Von Carstein I

Book Description
The first of a trilogy that tells the rise and fall of the most infamous family of vampires in the Warhammer world - the Von Carsteins. When Vlad Von Carstein becomes ruler of the haunted land of Sylvania, a plague of evil is set loose. Can anyone save the Empire from this bloodthirsty family of vampires and their shambling undead armies?

About the Author

British author Steve Savile is an expert in cult fiction, having written for a wide variety of sf series, including Star Wars, fantasy and horror stories. He won the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future award in 2002, was runner-up in the British Fantasy Award in 2000, and has been nominated three times for the Bram Stoker award. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Vlad Von Carstein of Sylvania

I've just readed this book. It was great. I know, this book only arrives at stores in USA at 31 march, but I've pre-order it from the Black Library and so I've received in middle february.

Well this is a great book that will enrich not only the fans of warhammer but also the fans of vampires. If you play with the Vampire Count I think you will liked it. It won't tell you anything you don't know (About the army) but It will give some depht and history to your army. I think you will like it.

Good Things : The characters and the plot itself. Things to improve in the next books: I think Mr. Savile would do better to take some depht to the vampires and take more time developing it's history. (well this will be fruitless even if he reads it since the second book it's already written lol)

Minor Spoillers Ahead.. Jump ahead

Don't take me wrong. The characters are great... We've got, of course, Vlad von Carstein. We read about it's rise and grow of his empire. How he come to be the ruler of Sylvania and finally the strike on the empire. Something on the story I didn't like. When the thief Felix Mann stole the ring that gave immortality to the Count. It was too damn easy. Then Vlad outburst and strike recklessly the empire fortress and died. It was too quick. Bah.. It was the only thing I didn't like.

Minor Spoillers Ended

Well we've got a lot of characters beside the Vlad and Isabella von Carstein. Inbetween the chapters of Vlad we've the history of this minor characters. We've got Jon Skellan and Stefan Fischer the witch-hunters, Ganz the human chancellor of Vlad. Then we've got Krueger a knight of White Wolf and the thief Felix Mann. And of course other minor characters that appear in some chapters.

In the end it is a great book but it does not finish here. More two books to be released. The next in September. It will be great 'cause some of this characters histories didn't end. I will be awaiting. About the writing: As you know Black Library has a majority of the writters from UK.. A couple of words were unknown to me (I am portuguese) but apart from that the book brings forth the characteristic mayhem of the Warhammer World.
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