Book Review: Bloodstorm - Dan Abnett & Mike Lee - Malus Darkblade II

Author : Dan Abnett & Mike Lee
Book : Bloodstorm (Book II of Malus Darkblade)
Publisher: Black Library
Pages : 413

Send a monster to kill a monster...
Murderer, betrayer, warrior beyond compare. Yet by the cruel standarts of the dark oelves, Malus Darkblade still has a lot to prove. Possesed by the foul daemon Tz'arkan, Malus only has a year to find five magic artefacts or his soul will be forfeit. To retrieve the Idol of Kolkuth, Malus will have to call on all his cunning and wits to survive a magi labyrinth and defeat its fearsome guardian.
The second instalment in the darkblade series, bloodstorm delves further into the twisted psyche of the cruel malicious Malus Darkblade.

This is the second book of five books about Malus Darkblade. I read in one interview that will be only 5 books about this character. Damn.. only five? This is probably the best series I've ever read or knew that exist where the main character is a evil character. He is evil and as a daemon inside him.
I remenber to well when I read the comic book (which the story is a bit different of this one) when Malus kills his father and the daemon upon hearing malus saying "goodbye father", the daemon ask... "You killed your own father? Somethimes you even scare me.. and I am a daemon." and the dark elf responded "Good!"
That sentence never left my mind and from that point on I've loved Malus Darkblade.

So in this book the dark elf returns to his hometown. He is not received well. Captured and beaten (well there were too many ways of punish to put here..) by his father. His father would dare to kill him 'cause of his mother so he try to punish him beyond limits so Malus could give up.. That don't happen. He find out that he must go to some (daemon)-forsaken isle to retrieve the second artifact. To do this, Malus must betray, double cross, and even triple cross his dark elf siblings as he uses them to locate an island belonging to their enemies, the Skinriders.
When I say triple cross I should say fourth and fifth cross eheh.

Just to give an example. Malus has several brothers. In this case enters 4 of them so he must plan with each and everyone to do what they want. They all want another of his brothers dead so it will be difficult to him to deliver what everybody wants.
One of the characters I like most (besides malus) was his new retainer Hauclir. I just like him. And I wanted him not to die. He's a good character. Someone I see as an dark elf but that dark. He respond back to Malus and never did he kill him. Well threat him a lot.
Well... The final conclusion is this.. In the first book you see a lot of fights. Here we see a well conceived plot with a good knowleadge of the dark elf court and principles (or lack of them). But don't be alarm. The blood in this book flows in every page. One thing I like is the humans. They are slave and seen as pure livestock. Exclent. 9/10
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