Book Review: The Broken Lance (II) - Nathan Long

 Author: Nathan Long
Series: Second in Black Hearts
Editor : Black Library
Pages : 251


In the second book of the Blackhearts series, Reiner and his band of reprobates are given a new mission. All communications with a vital Imperial border fort have been lost, and they are sent to find out what’s going on – has the commander gone rogue or are more sinister forces at work?

After the last book several companions died.
It remain the Captain Reinier Hetsau, the two pikemen Hals and Pavel, the tilean crossbow Giano and the she-he Frank(a) Shoentag, which Reiner discovered she was a girl and they fell in love.
Now a new story begins in which they've got to go the border princes and see if the general who commands there the forces are a treachorous bastard or not.
They are given new companions. Karelinus, Abel Halstieg, Jergen Rohmmer, Dag Nuller and Helgertkrug. Every one of them are villains. Again as the same book not all of them are evil.

This is another great book by Nathan Long which gives us something to read and he made us not only like the characters but to admire them... to see in them heroes not vilains. And I personnally did. In one part I had tears in my eyes as one of the old friends die in a tragically but heroic dead. I am looking forward to read the third book which is arriving in June. Which I will have in May eheh 8.5/10
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