Book Review: Zavant - Gordon Rennie

Pages; 285
Publisher: Black Library
Author : Gordon Rennie

Zavant is a "must-own" book for any true fan of the Warhammer World, providing a clutch of gritty detective short stories featuring the enigmatic Zavant Konniger and his reluctant Halfling servant Vido, providing a darkly humorous reflection of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories.

The first is called Buried Secrets, or the Affair of the Araby Exbiit. (26 pages)
The second is Red Moon over Altdorf, or the Case of the Morrsliebnacht Murders. (26 pages)
The third is The Politics of Shadow, or the Case of the Tilea Widow. (82 pages)
The fourth is The Horror at Alt Krantztein, or the Case of Twisted Man (with 142 pages has half of the book's pages.

This books is one of the more catching books I've ever read. I like it a lot and read it pretty quickly I must say. My favourite story it was the third and the fourth. The third is about a vampire who is attacking the city. But as the metal band Iron Maiden said in the music "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", " wait but there's two". The evil personage reminds me of Erzebeth Bathory the hungarian countess of the XV century
The last part is about the plague of chaos who is strenching to the most secured imperial places in Altdorf. This is the only story which Zavant has to leave Altdorf and go to the field. Here you see Zavant not only as Sherlock Holmes but as a fighter. (And a good one.)
In this tale we see two important characters which I think they will appear in other books like the CrimeLord Vesper klasst and the Imperial High Assassin Vaul Steiner. This one I would like to read a book about him.

"Gordon Rennie pens the stories with an elegant touch, providing equal amounts of suspense, dark humour, bloodshed and a plot that makes this book a real page-turner. Great characters, utterly believable settings and an atmosphere that can best be descibed as “Warhammer Noir”. This is Warhammer fiction at its finest, and a book that you can read through time and again. "

I read the review above and I cannot tell with better words what he is saying here. He got it right.10/10
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