Book Review: Orphans of the Sky - Robert A Heinlein

This was my first book of this author. Famous for Starship Troopers. This book is small with only 209 pages. I don't know if I like it or not. Lol. This is unusual but the book as some good things and some bad.

First I must say that this book was written in 1951. I read another site which said at 1961. So it was around that time. He was one of first to write scientific/military genre.

This story is about a crew close in traditions. Who live in a "world" called Ship of Jordan. Jordan is the name of their god. They use the converter to put the dead in. They are divided in small villages on the bottom decks. The upper decks are ruled by muties (mutants). There are a difference of weight from bottom to the upper deck. The upper deck where is the main control room and the captain verandah is a zone of no-weight.

Well this is a story about a boy (a technician-to-be) who is exploring the mutie land and his capture. One of the muties leader with two heads takes him to see the control room and to end his arrogance and almost fanatical blindess of the laws of Jordan.
The boy starts to ask questions and have a "brilliant" ideia to get the chief enginner to make him see what he have seen. The starts and the Travel.
So he gets to the bottom and sees the chief-tech who arrests him as a heretical. He is under-arrested when the muties come and rescue him and take with them the chief-tech.
Well the story goes on with their quest to make the ship moving and getting to a planet.

Well the plot it's good but there are some flaws.
First - It's too damn easy the plot.
Second - It's too short (I guess that why is easy)
Third - Womans, do no read this book. The woman here are seen as animals who are only to procriate. In one part when they are escaping the main character shove the womans inside with his foot(and this is his wife). (the womans are seen as retarted in my point of view)

In overall.. I don't recommend this book unless you like books about Generation Ships.
Read his Starship Trooper. It's Great.
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