Tell Tale Lore (II) ...(and nothing more)

A Tell Tale Lore of Hope and Love
(Made and Dedicated to Mina Mariova Anguelova)

Art thou an æriéd being?
A nymph from the woods?
Ne’er e’er hath I seen ye
Whence dost thou cometh?
It doth not matter
Moreo’er that I found thee
(Thancian to a feallan star)

Wailing and glooming, sour and dour
Thou art walking hither and thither bewildered
Wherefore art thou morose?
“They tæsan and mock me
Due to my skin is hued damask
hence they run onweg”
Quoth Mina, the Byzantine Princess

Deem dearest being of faärytales
If they cannot beholdest beyond thy hide
They art not worthy of thee and believe me
Henceforth hwæt yore they tæsan thee, they wilt desirest

The following words are Anglo-Saxon (or Old English)
"thancian" for "thank(s)"
"tæsan" for "tease"
"onweg" for "away"
"hwæt" for "what"
Every other unfamiliar words are Archaic English or I have written uncorrectly. (which is more likely eheh)

This poem was written in the cold night of VII/I/MMV under a Dark Moon, blessed by Sekhmet,the goddess of Egypt which sustained the spirits of the dead, which was being celebrated Her day, and while enchanted by the gothic metal Theatre of Tragedy (Aegis).
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