Book Review: Tainted Blood - Nathan Long - Blackhearts III

This is the third book of Nathan Long about the BlackHearts. A company of men who have been senteced to death and to escape that they've become the last line of defence of the Empire. They go from dangerous operation to even dangerous operation. The two previous book told us how they got in the service of Manfred, the Count. They were tricked and they've got poison in their Blood. If they try to escape they will end up dead, so they venture through adventure to adventure. This one was the most difficult. They had to recover a stone, in which if they loss the world will lose is balance and chaos would reign.

For that there was the blackheart's leader, Reiner, the female archer Franka, the pike Hals and Pavel (this for were all that last from the first blackheart regiment. They were join in the second adventure by Gert with his crowssbow and the Master of Swords Jurgen.
In this game they were join by Augustus the pike, Rumpolt the Handgunner, Darius the phisican and Dieter the master assassin with 117 notches.

Bear in mind that they are all criminals. (This reminds me o f the penal legions in the II World War).

Well, in the last book, one of the blackhearts were a spy to the Count. They didn't knew who were but from all previous characters there was one that I didn't like, one that had no significant part in the story... I knew from the start who was it... It was obvious.

Well this book is about betrayal. It's all about Betrayal, sometimes the characters are double-crossed, triple-crossed and one time i think they go far from it.. lol

I like the book.. The last 100 pages I read it in 2h. It was very quick narration. There are some factors that I didn't enjoy. They beat all the enemies... there are skavens (again), there are the mutants, the count manfrend, the two lord cultists(one from slaanesh and other Tzeentch), the dark elf who reveres to Khaine (well only Nurgle the pestilence god was not there... well now that I think of it, he was.. the pestilence of the mutants lol).. How nice, a family reunion.
Well... so, the blackhearts may die from a dozen different ways, they've got the cross all of them, sometimes even on themselves...

I like the book, it's not the best book from warhammer, I mean the writer and plot, but still very much enjoyment.

Next book from Nathan Long it's Orcslayer, which is the 8th book from the Gotrek and Felix Saga.. (one of the first book that came from warhammer, the saga it's a standard book from warhammer.. let us see if Nathan it's on the same level. 7/10
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