Book Review: Grudge Bearer - Gav Thorpe

Book Grudge Bearer - Gav Thorpe
Pages 250 pages
isher- Black Library

Respect your ancestors. Never trust an elf. And always hold a grudge. King Barundin, the new dwarf lord of Zhufbar, must fulfil an oath of vengeance for his father, betrayed and killed on the field of battle. As his son Barundin takes up the mantle of king, he must fulfil a mighty oath of vengeace.
In the epic tale that spans centuries, Grudge Bearer follows Barundin as he battles his way through enemies on a desperate quest to avenge the wrongs against his father and save his people from a terrible war against the dark forces of Chaos.

Among Fantasy books, I prefer ones that have non-humans as the main characters. Elf, dwarves, dark-elves and others... (evil characters are also particular good.. it's difficult to be in their head.)
I have read so far a book from William King's Warhammer epic Gotrek & Felix "Slayer" series, which have a slayer and a human. I have enjoyed so much the dwarf that I read this book with a particular interest...

This book takes us right inside the daily life of one such underground city stronghold of the Dwarves. In particular it focuses on the aspect of Dwarven (Dwarvish?) culture that deals with grudges, and their great relish in carrying them on for generations if need be in order to finally settle perceived wrongs against them. There are epic battles aplenty in this book, with the Dwarves facing off against Orcs, Skaven, massive Chaos hordes and even....each other?
But one part that had me questioning was that the Dwarves are depicted as very bloodthirsty when in the course of carrying out a grudge, so much so that they would even be willing to massacre innocent women and children. (this is the conclusion we see in the sixth grudge against the humans who have betrayed Barundin's father)
I must say that came with a shock.. I didn't knew that.. they were so bloodthirsty...
Well this book overall was a good book and sincerily made me want to read the others books from William King...
-- Well worth checking out while you're waiting for William King to get busy and give us more Gotrek.


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