Books I've read in last six months...

I've been reading a lot all my life, but only since December that I've been tracking them. I use to remind all the main characters and plots of the books I read through the years. I now realize that I can't do that anymore.

My biggest fear is to forget things, I have no problems with dying, each and everyone of us will die eventually and I am not an excpetion. I have a ashma condition that severs me body and I almost die a couple of times because of it. So believe me I don't fear death, sometimes I feel anxious for it. But that is another story. And I am alive so my bigger enemy is my mind.
I will make a list of all books I've read since the beginning of the year....

Most of them are Black Library books and some I've review here. My ideia was to review them all.. Let us See if I can do it.... Now I am reading Brothers of the Snake (Hardback book which makes impossible to me to read outside... I am reading also The Swarm, a massive book with 881 pages... It's an interesting book (i am review it in a different way) that is about the sea... well I am putting here something I read somewhere and could help understand:
""Across the oceans, more and more incidents take place. It seems that the marine world is making a stand against the threat of evolution. Below the ocean surface man discovers that they are no longer masters of the world, as a new species emerges from the deep, one that is dangerous, intangible and intelligent."
And I am also reading a beacon of Fantasy.. One of true masters of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gene Wolfe with his Book of the New Sun. This one I will continue after the Swarm and Dan Abnetts Brothers of the Snake because the book it's difficult and demans full atention.

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