Teasanna-Satanna - Incerteza

I've put a link with a music in putfile since I can't put it directly on Blog.

Teasanna Satanna are from Silves (Portugal) and even if they are together since 1995 they've got only 3 demos. This song is from the last demo that is called Incertezas. They forged their individuality; since the beggining when each band had originality, an own sound and an own way of doing things, they escape the Black Metal cliché in a number of ways, from the title ('Incertezas', meaning uncertainties) to the sound itself, which gathers a lot of different elements but is generally speaking fast and aggressive Black Metal, deftly executed. Despite this, there is an underlying sense of melody and occasional incursions into the unexpected, including an apt usage of female vocals. The songs are sung in Portuguese (although in a very nearly unintelligible way).
The sound quality is great for a demo.
I hope I am not doing nothing wrong putting their sound in my blog but if they do I hope they make contact with me because I want to buy their demos and to know where they playing next... :P

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