Review: The Life of Sigmar - Matt Ralphs

Title: The Life of Sigmar: Being the Epic Tale of the Warrior-God Sigmar, and the Founding of The Empire
Author: Matt Ralphs with Graham McNeill
Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Black Library - Games Workshop
Reading Time: 5 Days (21-11-2007 to 24-11-2007)
Note: 7,5/10

This book has a beautiful brown leather cover. (I read somewhere some persons didn’t buy this book or the Witch Hunter because of it.) Where Life of Sigmar really comes into its own is in the presentation. Even the necessary copyright information is hidden away in the back, creating an immersive feel and look. The pocket-sized hardbound cover, gold-leaf comet and lettering on the front, and a wide array of woodcuts and simple line drawings give one the impression it was pulled right off of a table in Altdorf and into the real world. It's really quite cool to see woodcuts depicting particular Warhammer style orcs, or oft-mentioned events like the birth of Sigmar under a twin-tailed comet or his mysterious departure to dwarfish lands. For fans of the Warhammer world in general, it's an atmospheric and thought-provoking view into the output and beliefs of Imperial citizens.

This book covers the life of… Sigmar. That Man-God who become the God-Patron of humans and the Empire.

It’s written in a modern scholar type who his compiling information about Sigmar.
The book covers everything in the life of Sigmar, since the beginning when he was a young prince of a bronze-age Teutonic tribe in the Warhammer world. In this capacity the book is a somewhat clinical (or appropriately scholarly) telling of a coming of age story. Sigmar makes mistakes, learns lessons of wisdom and leadership from his archetypal father, and performs impetuous feats of strength and valour.
It’s an evocative of a religious parable or Renaissance-era recording of an oral mythic tradition. Sigmar himself comes across as an Elric (Michael Moorcock) or Jesus-like character, vaguely familiar in his brooding seriousness and not defined as much more than an icon. All of this reinforces the `in-character' nature of the book.

This book was release and a year later a new series called Time of Legends begins to take shaped. There are three trilogies so far being printed… One covers Malekith; other one covers Nagash. While the third covers… you guessed.. Sigmar. The First is called Heldenhammer and was written by Graham McNeill.
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