Review: Riddick - Alan Dean Foste

Title: Pitch Black: Fight Evil with Evil (1999)
Author: Frank Lauria
Pages: 196
Publisher: Saint Martin's Press Inc.
ISBN: 0-312-93509-9
Reading Time: (03/03/2008 to 06/03/2008) 4 days
Rating: 4/10

Title: The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Pages: 342
Publisher: Del Rey Books
ISBN: 0-345-46839-2
Reading Time: (28/01/2008 to 02/02/2008) 6 days
Rating: 4/10

The ratings say it all... I didn't enjoy them. I love the films and I thought to myself, maybe I will learn something more about Riddick but no... They are pretty weak.
The first I noticed that it lack some editing. Some typing mistakes. ( I ussually don't notice so...), I like what the author do Riddick but it says nothing that we already know. Honestly is not worth reading. See the movie instead. I notice that one minor plot doesn't exist. In the film we don't know that the "boy" is a girl. Only in end we are revealed to that. In the book they know from the beggining. Honestly... One of the worst books I read in 2008.
Chronicles of Riddick... Again.. typos and mistakes of grammar. Well it's almost (if that can be possible) worst than the former. It doesn't add nothing. We learn nothing of Riddick or Kyra. The only worth reading is the prologue that it tells the tale of the necromongers. Everything else... well it' worthless. The only persons who should be reading are pre-existing afficionados the background information on Necroism.
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