Review: Watch on the Rhine (Posleen War Series 7) by John Ringo and Tom Kratman

Watch on the Rhine by John Ringo and Tom Kratman
Publisher: Baen
Pages: 496
ISBN-10: 1416521208

This is the seventh book of a ongoing saga. I only have bought this one since the stories are unconnected. A book with few interesting points but the book is very poor. If one hand you've got the revival of old SS's that they are seen as deamons but at the same time as heroes and admired for their bravery.
Persons like myself that love the militar history of the Second world War knows that the SS were in their majority Waffe-SS, fighters as the Werhmacht. Only a small part controled the Prisons and executions.
I like one phrase that one SS says that young boys noawadays believe in nothing, not even symbols and banners. They only believe in TV and futile things. Truly True....
I like the evolution of the story however the plot in it was very weak. In the end Germany it's conquer. One thing is for sure... I will not buy anymore books.
Kratman and Ringo rang some surprising changes on the theme, with enough skill and daring to make you really think over what the Waffen SS really was, and if they were tarred with the Nazi brush somewhat mistakenly...and then they hit you in the face because even good people can fight for evil causes. When asked, one of the characters replies, "Oh, yes, there is one real Nazi here, and we all hate him, but he is a really good tank driver." Sometimes needs must, when the devil drives.
In WOTR, the German Chancellor views the aftermath of the bloody battles in Northern Virginia described in Gust Front. Realizing the brutal nature of the impending invasion, he decides with the reluctant support of his government to use alien rejuvenation technology used to recreate an SS combat unit. In this war no negotiation is possible and every tool available must be used. The story centers on a super-tank crew of 2 rejuvenated WW2 veterans and several young recruits. The tank commander names the Tiger III after his long dead Jewish wife. Several flashbacks occur throughout the book detailing his past history of WW2 combat, survival, love shared with a Jewish woman, and witnessing deathcamp horror. The story progresses through their training, friction with civilians violently opposed to a reinstated SS unit, and brutal combat with the aliens. This isn't a Walt Disney portrayal of good vs evil. This is more of a "use one evil to fight another evil". There are no magic pills or roads to military victory: their battlefield successes are the result of harsh, realistic training, close comradeship, cunning tactics, and careful weapon design influenced by early combat experience against the aliens. Unlike Disneyish entertainment, the SS veterans relish combat. They pass on their unique trade skills to their new recruits like parent wolves training their cubs. Similarly, they have no patience or compassion for soldiers or civilians who flee their duty or get in their way. Their ruthlessness will become necessary against the alien Posleen invaders who reveal a shocking new battlefield tactic. The research into both WW2 history and German language and culture is impressive. You can easily visualize the scarred veterans leading their recruits in verboten Third Reich marching songs and flaunting their black uniforms. At the same time the authors communicate well the pride of these soldiers in themselves and their brothers-in-arms.
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