Review: Assault on Black Reach - Nick Kyme

Title Assault on Black Reach
Author Nick Kyme
Pages 127
Year 2008
Publisher Black Library
Reading time 6 days (February 2009)
Rating 7,5 / 10

This was one of the 7 books I read in Februray. It was a good month and should be every month, well it shouldn't because I was in the hospital a week thats why I read so much...
Apart from this book I read Second Game by Charles de Vet and Katherine McLean (a review to come), Lady of Poison by Bruce Cordell, Ten Little Niggers by Agatha Christie, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman, Mistress of the Night by Dave Gross and Don Bassingthwaite, The Association by Bentley Little.

Well this book (novella) is a companion for the new Box Set of the Miniature Range of Games Workshop. The Story is a simple one. Orks Invasion on a planet called Black Reach and the fighting of the Ultramarines 2nd company. The story centers on Scipio a brother sergeant of the 2nd company. Nick is able to build good characters focusing on 4 marines. He surely can create good characters and I would hope to see him write more stories with ultramarines but I don't think that will happen since Graham McNeill is the "father" of them. The only thing I didnd't enjoy was the end... The book was fast paced but the ending was a sprinting and there we go... I think a couple more pages could have made this a novella to anyone trying to enter into Warhammer 40k setting.

Well nevertheless I have a book sitting near me that I am dying to read (but strangely I keep picking others instead) for some time... Oathbreaker. An Dwarf novel. I love dwarves and will read the book in the near future. I really hope he created as good characters as this novel.

Keep them coming Nyck Kyme.
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