Review: The Battle for Skull Pass - Nathan Long

Title The Battle for Skull Pass
Author Nathan Long
Pages 125
Year 2009
Publisher Black Library
Reading time 2 days (May 2009)
Rating 8,5 / 10

Since I do not have a scanner I will put the cover of the box set (which is the same as the book).
This was the companion book of the new box set of warhammer fantasy. I bought the gameboard and the novel. I already painted some goblins but I am not that good at painting... Should try more.. maybe on this holidays...

Well on this novel we see the fighting between the dwarves against goblins. Here we have on one sight a Dwarven Thane trying to recover the Pass and make a house of them own. In the other we have a goblin who's trying to become a big chief (he had a cool name like Earscrapper). The narrative switchs between the dwarves and the goblins point of view. Nathan Long has done nicely for a greenskin perspective and I think it could be done on a larger scale like a full lenght novel. How cool would be to read a novel about a Orc Champion or such thing.

We are presented as I said with both sides and we learn about Goblin and Dwarven societies and their armies. This is a propaganda book and you could reanact with the miniatures. The end was a good ending and even if one side did win (the dwarves), they are so fragile than another incursion of the greenskins would surely repel them from the new achieved home. That's what so great... A typic warhammer ending.

Nicely done Herr Long.
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