Review: Blood for the Blood God - C L Werner

Title Blood for the Blood God
Author C. L. Werner
Pages 416
Year 2008
Publisher Black Library
Reading time 7 days (November 2008)
Rating 9 / 10

This is the second instalament of the Chaos novels that C L Werner is penning. The first book is The Palace of Plague Lord and it was a fantastic and different read. Probably the book I read that had more interesting evil characters... The third book will depicts Wulfrik (you can see more of it on my Grey Seer review that C L Werner had the amability to comment and share some new information about it. There is no need reading the first book to fully enjoy this one.

On this book it is focused on Khorne as the name of novel implies. Well on this book we are presented with Teiyogtei Khagan who had united eight tribes under his banner to entablished his own empire however he was killed in a duel with Skulltaker, the bloody executioner and champion of Khorne. On this duel the Skulltaker was wounded by Khagan weapon called Bloodeater. Well the book then jumps to five hundred generations after that conflict as the empire is divided again into eight tribes who are fighting among them with no winner... No tribe can destroy another... A stalemate war...

Well then the Skulltaker returns and wants the heads of every ruler of the eight tribes.. why? Well there's the plot of the other characters... They must find the Black Altar (Teiyogtei's tomb) and reforge the Bloodeater so they can have a chance against their adversarie.
Well one thing for sure... C L Werner can really do landscapes as he creates a great mood that we drawn into it as he as done on the previous novel.
The Skulltaker character is never fully devoloped and we are presented with only glimpses of it. But one thing that made me give 9 out of 10 is the uber fighter. He cannot be defeated and for several chapters we see the same thing. He arrives at a tribe and he fights numerous opponents and he kills them all and then behead the chief.
This book is more than hack and slash (but there is plenty of it). It's a political game of every tribe tries to take advantage of the next or situation. After all they are chaos cultists and have history of fighting against themselves.

On this book as the previous one C L Werner gives the Chaos followers a bit of humanity (after all they are human, well most of them are...). After all we in each book of Black Library are presented with the other side of the story. It's the views of elves, humans and dwarves and now we have the chaos view. Very nice indeed. But on the same level as he gave some humanity to the chaos followers the Chaos looses some of the horror they should represent.

The other thing that I hope to see more than I did were the development of the other characters but nevertheless they were satisfactory and I did enjoy the book believe me.
Another thing that I must congratulate C L Werner is the ending... That's Chaos alright. I really hope for the next chaos book... After all it will be Wulfrik...I really hope he could do a Sigvald book. I bought the figurine and all because i find it very interesting character...
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