Book Review: Hail Hibbler - Ron Goulart

Title Hail Hibbler
Author Ron Goulart
Pages 157
Year 1980
Publisher DAW
Reading time 2 days (November 2009)
Rating 2 / 10

This was one of oddest books I read this year (or the last to be precise). This book passes in a world a lot different from ours... I found it hard to get into the story and characters. I must say I only finished the book because the book was short or else I would have give up. The only thing worth mention is the funny relation between the detective and his wife (the other detective) and the funny situations they get themselves into... even if they didn't make sence on my head. Maybe that's why this book is part of a series called Odd Jobs Inc. I won't try any more books on this series but I am willing to try reading the famous Vampirella novels he wrote.
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