Review: I am Scrooge - Adam Roberts

Title I am Scrooge: A Zombie story for Christmans
Author Adam Roberts
Pages 160
Year 2009
Publisher Gollancz
Reading time 3 days
Rating 7,5 / 10

What to think of this book?
I had read only one book by Adam Roberts called The Splinter which I didn't enjoyed. I stop reading after a hundred pages. It is still there to be read but after reading this book I still say I won't come back so soon.
One thing that it was better on this book was the writing style. Well and it had zombies. And it was of Scrooge. So I think it would not go wrong. Interesting or not, a movie with Jim Carrey also featuring Mr Scrooge was released around this time so I think this novel came at the perfect time.
This novel came out at a time that several books featuring other mythical novels are being converted into Horror. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and many other books being published with zombies.
Well, in the end I enjoyed the book even if I only gave 7.5. There is good parts and weak parts.
The writing was an improving on the previous novel that I read as I said before. I think on this book the writer tried to maintain the writing style that the original book had be written. It work out but there was something in the style that held me back...
There are many in-jokes, parodies, puns intended and so on. He wanted us to laugh and we laugh. (I didn't enjoy the all Ali-G as the Ghost of Christmans Future.
The plot is what you might ask? Well... The surviving Ebenezeer Scrooge must survive the all zombie apocalypse with the help (or no) of the ghosts. H G Wells and Dickens make cameo appareaence. The ambience of the victorian london is a must read because it was done perfectly. All good things said the book could be better and I thing from the appearance of the Ghost of Christmans Future the book came down the hill and it seemed all rushed in.
The drawings were very good.
I would advice this book to anyone who likes zombies tales...
One thing for sure... well, two. Christmans Carol will never be the same and neither will be the puddings.
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