Book Review: The Return of the Time Machine - Egon Friedell

Title The Return of the Time Machine
Author Egon Friedell
Pages 127
Year 1946
Publisher Daw
Reading time 1 day (November 2009)
Rating 2 / 10

This book its the sequel to the H G Wells Time Machine or at least it should be... or not? The book was written in the beginning of 40 before the German invasion. Wells at the time was alive so Friedell starts his narrative with fictious (never denied by Wells) between himself the writer and the Time Traveler who is supposedly alive in London. He reveals the mishaps with time travel. The book is frivolous at that is the word for this book. He spends much of the time talking about scientific dificulties with time travel without saying anything of interesting (pseudo-scientific I might add). In the year of 1995 London is suspended in the clouds and earth is tended by holographic gardeners. (Bare in my mind that the book was written in 1940's and many scientific discovieries were taking place so It's conceibable.. in a way). The book talks nothing of the Eloi or Morlocks, about humankind or even of his travels into the past. In the end the Time Traveler in Friedel meets a woman and give up time travelling in favour of family.
In the end I don't think this book is worth the title of Sequel to the The Time Machine. No justice in the name...
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