Review: The Mystery of the Blue Train - Agatha Christie

Title The Mystery of the Blue Train
Author Agatha Christie
Pages 296
Year 1928
Publisher RBA
Reading time 1 day (February 2010)
Rating 7 / 10

This is a story not told on the first person as much of the previous books were. In this book Poirot has already retired from his work and now is going to the French Riviera by "Le Train Bleu" but the mysteries follows him. In this train a woman is murder called Ruth and there are two suspects on the spot. There is the husband of the late murderer woman called Derek Kettering who was spying on her and the Conte de la Roche who is the lover of Ruth.
Ruth who had recently adquired a famous ruby is also missing.
Being there at the time Poirot says he will help with the investigation and the father of the woman also asks Poirot to help on the case.

The story is a complex one and the first 50 pages we get to know several of this characters and all the reasons that each one had to murder the woman
As the story progresses we get to see Poirot in action and as all the stories by Agatha Christie we get to suspect each character and in the end we are presented with two (not one) killers/robbers.

As most of the stories by Agatha is very hard to find who is the killer and I think that is good. I would like to know if anyone find it out because it seems to my mind it's darn hard.

My last thoughts is that this is a solid and quick book and I enjoyed it reading it. Being at the hospital for several hours I got to read it all and to my pleasure I found out that this is a good thing... reading the book all straight in one take. I don't remember doing it. Well now the next novel that I will read by Agatha Chrstie will be "The Sittaford Mystery". I read good things about it being the first one dealing the supernatural.
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