Review: 1 Km de Cada Vez - Gonçalo Cadilhe

Title 1 Km de Cada Vez (One Mile at a time)
Author Gonçalo Cadilhe
Pages 193
Year 2009
Reading time 3 day (March 2010)
Rating 7 / 10

Well this was an odd book for me to read. I usually don't read this kind of book but this was a gift and I read it. This is a book of a "trekking" man. He gets his backpack and go around the world travelling. This is a book that with many of his tales. Previously published in a journal called Express they combined and published in a single book. Well within this book we can get some of his stories; some are a history of the place he is, others are about people who live there, others are something that remind him. Like in one story he remembered reading a tale of a portuguese writer and it influenced to become a trekking.

This book is not a travel guide telling us what should we visit. It's like a journal of small stories... It was a good read and my favourite parts were the stories telling of the history of some of those places. I enjoy history so everything new is good.

In the end I was pleased and some part of me wanted to read a little more of him but I bet that I will not buy. Maybe the person who offered me this book will offer me another.
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