Thoughts (I b) Why do I have Blog?

This is not a self piety post of why don't have more posts. I really don't care.
This is to explain why do I post this reviews. I have more than 1500 books and I started posting when I tried to remember one book I read some years back and I couldn't. It was very perturbing to me. So I started making these reviews and with them I can remember a book.

It's very rewarding to have some people comment, followers and seeing that several people come every day.

Most of reviews have no comments and I bet that it will never have. Why?
And this is a critic to some bloogers out there. Some of the blogs only have comments and so many views because they have books to giveway from some companies. How can you trust a blogger that says that received a book from a publisher and they have a review... I wonder how can they be a impartial? They want to continue to receive books so they will give a good review.
Oh well, there is a name for people who sells that way.

Why did I say that? because I have more than 1500 books and I pay for each one and of course I would like to receive one or two free from time to time. It would be nice.
I have all Black Library, Solaris and Abaddon books. I have most of the Orbit and Angry Robots books. It would be nice to receive one or two free... But if to receive it I would have to add a nice coloured review than I would probably won't wanted it.

Well it's nice to have my blog. My comments are few but if you could check it I have three authors comments and for me thats my reward.

As I said before I have this blog for me. Because I am afraid to lose the knowledge of the books...
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