Review: Baal - Robert McCammon

Title Baal
Author Robert R McCammon
Pages 251
Year 1979
Reading Time 4 days (August 2008)
Rating 6 out of 10

One of my first books on my huge collection of almost 2000 books was Swan Song by McCammon. I heard it was like Stephen King’s The Stand so I bought it. But as the The Stand it was a massive book of more than 800 pages. So I put the book on the shelf next to Stephen King’s and others large books of 800 pages and they have been there for years. Why didn’t I read it since both those two books have top ratings? Because they are massive and I get scared about their length. But one day I will read it…
So I bought in second hand some other books by McCammons; Baal, Blue World, They Thirst, Usher’s Passing and Bethany's Sin. So I grabbed Baal and Blue World and I read it.

This is McCammon’s first book so I guess it’s not his best. The story begins with the birthing of Baal (which is also the name of a daemon), from a raped woman, and as the story progress we get to know how he lived and how he gather together believers. At the same time we get to know the “good” guys. One is a theology professor, other is an half Eskimo hunter/shaman and a mysterious personage called Michael (name of an angel). Their plain is simple: thwart Baal’s plans.

The pace is not that good and in my opinion quite slow and only in the latter half we are presented one of the major characters. I think the first one hundred pages almost made me wanna quit but I tried and in the end I was pleased by the book. The rating is fair because of the beginning. The images are pretty good and the characters are well portrayed.

You ask me if I would recommend it to you? If you can read past the first one hundred pages, and enjoy horor books, most improtant if you liked those movies/books from the 70’s about an antichrist then I think you will be for a treat.

Even after reading Baal and Blue World (who weren’t the best books I’ve read) I will continue to read McCammon books. Because I believe he can do a lot better. Do not forget that this was his first book so you can’t expect him to be perfect.

I guess Swan Song will be there on my shelf a couple of years more… Maybe I will read it on a long holiday
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