Review: Blue World - Robert McCammon

Title - Blue World
Author Robert R McCammon
Pages 264
Year 1981
Reading Time 4 days (August 2008)
Rating 5 out of 10

I read this book soon after I read Baal. Second Chance and I was dissapointed because not all stories were that good and for me most of them were not that satisfactory… (unfortunally). I still believe he is a good writer because he has some good stories here…

"Yellowjacket Summer" – This story is boy with a power to talk to Yellowjackets (bees? Hornets?). If in the beginning was a little slow the ending was an good one.
"Makeup" – a Thief steals a make up from an old horror movies actor and gets a lot more than he bargained. Not the best story around.
"Doom City" – an post apocalyptic tale and a spooking one… One of the best of the anthology (I hope this tale is in the same vein of Swan Song.
"Nightcrawlers" – This is a story about a life of Vietnam Vet’s as his nightmares comes out to hunt them (This story was then put into that mythical series of Twilight Zone).
"Pin" – Not the best story but good portrayal of an insane person. I hope I don’t met anyone like this…
"Yellachile's Cage" – A prisoner and a canary. That’s it. Not many more to say about it. I didn’t enjoy it.
"I Scream Man" – Another post-apocalyptic tale about what is real and not. Lucidity in a crazy person. A game of scrabble that is not what it seems. Well what it seems is that his best stories are post-apocalyptic. Maybe this is something to make me read Swan Song.
"He'll Come Knocking at Your Door" – You live in a perfect neighbourhood but for that you have to pay… sometimes with the things you love. This story is another story that I think I read it somewhere else This story reminds me of The Association by Bentley Little. (I made a review last year I guess)
"Chico" – I didn’t enjoyed and couldn’t finish… It was about a tale of a abused child by his stepfather.
"Night Calls the Green Falcon" – Not that good tale. I didn’t finish. IF you want you can try.. It’s online in Robert McCammon’s website.
"The Red House" –Another story I didn’t finish. A self discover tale… I really didn’t understand… or tried to understand
"Something Passed By" – This tale was one that if it wasn’t made into The Twilight Zone it should have. I think he had the possibility to be a good story. It’s simple story where you think what is normal or not. It really depends of who are you and where do you belong.
"Blue World" (Novella) – This was the biggest tale. It wasn’t in my opinion that good. It depicts the story of a priest that sniffs cocaine and a porn star (and her stalker) I didn’t enjoyed and I didn’t finish.

As you can see you’ve got all kinds of stories. Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Self-Discovery, Psychological thriller and everything you want… In the end some stories were good others were not. IF I would advice you to read it? Well go check his webpage because there are a couple of short stories available..
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