Review: Outliers - Malcom Maxwell

This book was an interesting reading and not my usual one. I read because someone told me it was good and it was. In the book we get to know some things we never figure it out like why the canadian ice hockey team players are almost all of them born from january to april? Why the chinese, japanese and other rice cultures have lesser problems in education than ours? Why the children of chinese learn about numbers and letters sooner than ours? Why the japanese are more pacient than western civilizations? Why the planes in South Korea had so many crashes (the biggest in all world) and after adopting the english language they have been free of crashes for more than 6 years? Why the chinese have so much people against our own?

This is some questions that Maxwell dwelt upon and some are quite interesting... I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn why the differencs between civizilations and why some people have so many success (in here he gave the example of Bill Gates) and others do not?

I rate it 7 out of 10.


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