Review: Stardust - Neil Gaiman

Title Stardust
Author Neil Gaiman
Pages 336
Year 1999
Reading Time 4 (March 2009)
Rating 6.5 out of 10

After seeing the movie a while back I had to read this novel. Neil Gaiman is a strange author and if I didn't like one or two books I keep reading because it seems everyone loves him. With this book I had mixed feelings. Having seen the movie and then the book I must say that I enjoyed more the film. Maybe it's just me but those extra scenes in the movie may them a good relaxing movie and with the book was ending to fast. I really didn't enjoy it. My rating is most of all because of the funny comments and the world itself (even if not explored) and the fighting between the princes. The rest of the book is not that good and I thought the main characters a little two-sided... I can't understand what people like these book so much. I must read a couple of reviews because I really didn't understand. But I will not stop reading Neil Gaiman. I believe that he can make a good book... Look at American Gods.
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