Review: Hobbit - JRR Tolkien

Title Hobbit
Author JRR Tolkien
Pages 392
Year 1937
Reading Time 21 days (May/June 2010)
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Since I was reading other books at the time I aimed reading one chapter per night. The book was not what I thought it would be. It has nothing to do with the pace and language of the Lord of the Rings. Even some things didn't felt right. But it wasn't all that bad. This book is for childrens and young teens. There's no doubt of it. But adults can read it without problem. But I advice reading this before LotR or you will not be able to feel the magnitude of the book.

This story tells us of the adventure that gave Bilbo the One Ring but that was a secondary plot in this book. This book was about the entourage of dwarves, gandalf and bilbo to recapture a mountain and kill the dragon Smaug that inhabbit it. We get to see goblins tottally different from the ones in LotR as they chant are (even if they are antagonists in this tale). We get to know the elves without the god-like grace from the LotR. We get to know dwarves that don't behave as dwarves in the LotR. But overall I enjoy it and it was a book that I wish I had read before LotR and when I was a youngling. Alas life is not as we want it to be. Nevertheless It was a great ride..

To finalise by review I must warn you of the beautifully crafted images made by Alan Lee. He is a great artist no doubt. It remids me of Rackam's craftsmanship. Beautifull. Worth having if only by the paintings...
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