I follow some blogs throughout the web and for some time and I am trying to stop reading them because I am failing to believe most of them. Why? Because they are offered every kind of books and they gave the reviews the editors want. When was the last time anyone gave me a book?
I've bought more than 1500 books. Only one was offered by C L Werner (and it was him who offered me not the publisher).
I've got every book Black Library published... Why can't they offered me one to review? It was a good company policy. To me and anyone who buys them month after month. Enfin...
I talk of Black Library as I would have talk Orbit which I've got a hundred books. Or Abaddon which I've got them all. Or.. You get the picture.

I know they are in this for the money but it would be a nice policy. Most books I buy for so most companies wouldn't know I've got them and this "thought" would be fruitless but black library ones I buy them directly. They are expensive that way and maybe I am a fool doing it. Maybe I should be buying through my normal buyer or amazon... oh well..
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