Review: Manhattan Grimoire - Sandy DeLuca

Title: Manhattan Grimoire
Author: Sandy DeLuca
Publisher: Delirium Books
Year: 2008
Pages: 172
Reading time: 13 days (July 2010)
Rating: 6/10

Well this book is not one I enjoyed. To be precise it's one that I felt more alienated.

This book is not a full lenghted novel but only a novella. To me it doesn't matter the size. If the book is well written it could be only 100 pages. I've never heard of Sandy DeLuca and this was my first introduction to her. Well it was not the most fruitful. Even if I didn't enjoy this book maybe I will return sometime later.

Throughout the story, Gina, sees morbid visions, demons and other bizarre manifestations. She's obsessed, or possessed, and she must find out what happened to her sister at any cost. Her sister dissappeared as she was in a strange weird cult/religion. Through this a massive winter snow storm shuts down New York City, and Mojo DeCanne comes calling for his book of spells, and with him comes lots of blood and murder.

The characters are not that good and besides Gina they are pretty futile. The good hearted policeman. The friend Rico. The strange boyfriend. And a few other characters. The ending was quick and it was quite uninteresting. Well the only good thing was a spooky atmosphere, It remind me of reading the Song of Kali by Dan Simmons.

As I said this book didn't worked for me but who am I to say it was bad or poorly written or something like that. I will try again another book by Sandy DeLuca. She's got what it takes.
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