Review: Black Angel - Graham Masterton

Title Black Angel
Author Graham Masterton
Pages 312
Year 1991
Reading Time 177 days (February to July 2010)
Rating 7.5 out of 10

It did take that time to read... Believe me. Well long story short I began to read it when I was at the hospital alongside Dune by Frank Herbert. Don't know why but I didn't finish them both so I left them on my pile to read afterwards (there are 8 books piling there). So I thought July was a good month to finish most of them. I was right. In the end I was very pleased with Graham Masterton and it's an author I should read a couple other books.... (if you have any idea drop me a comment).

This was one of the few horror books I read this year which troubles me because I do like horror books and movies... I have a couple more in my desk and I should start with them..

Now for the book ...
Larry Foggia, a police detective investigating a series of brutal murders, discovers that the killer is not human but an actual demon. Still mostly imprisoned by a century-old spell, the demon and its minions are killing people in a ritualistic fashion, growing with each death, preparing for the day when they will be strong enough to gain their freedom.

In this book I saw one of the most horrifying scenes I had the "pleasure" to read. It was just on the beginning as we enter the mind of the killer as he prepares a ritual he must perform. It was brutal. When I finish reading I had to read it again.. Just twisted mayhem with a glimpse of insanity... This killer is evil. Believe me. Apart from the first chapter (and I must say that the book had only 9 chapters with each chapter with 40 pages(ish). It was troublesome for me to read it since I like to read on the transports and I stay on a middle of chapter. The book takes us from the main chapter with the killer into the mind of the Foggia, the police, as he talks to several dozen characters to deciphre the mystery. He then enters into the supernatural investigation and in the end must battle with superhuman demons (well, demon). The confrontation with Belial is hilarious... How could an fallen angel with timeless wisdon fall to the weak mind of a human? It was too easy for Foggia... That's my opinion.

I would advise this book to anyone who likes horror novels with supernatural elements. It was a good book indeed.
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