Review: Under The Eagle - Simon Scarrow

Title: Under The Eagle
Series: The Eagles Series Book I
Author: Simon Scarrow
Pages 434 Softcover
Year: 2000
Reading Time: 8 days
Rating: 7/10

It is the year 42 AD, and Centurion Macro, battle-scarred and fearless, is in the heart of Germany with the Second Legion, the toughest in the Roman army. Cato, a new recruit and the newly appointed second-in-command to Macro, will have more to prove than most. In a bloody skirmish with local tribes, Cato gets his first chance to prove that he’s more than a callow, privileged youth. As their next campaign takes them to a land of unparalleled barbarity – Britain – a special mission unfolds, thrusting Cato and Macro headlong into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the Emperor himself.

Well this was an interesting reading but with several points that I really hope that are not present in latter books… (because I bought two more).
First the historical innacuracies… The Grass Crown incident being given to Cato for once. The Drill Centurion sounds like Drill Sergeant. The Surgeon treating for infection (anachronism). The all language used by roman soldiers sounded like british soldiers from a BBC comic television series… Bloody Hell. How british is this?

The characters are flat and two dimensional. There are some stereotypes like a geeky upper class new recruit, the hard veteran, the bully leggionarie. Ine all love affair. I think he will improve… Or else the publishers would just cut him off right? Yes… In the end I think the plot it’s straightforward and keeps you reading page after page.. In the end the climax is not in the main plot but the battle that occurs before. The one thing that saves this book is the all views the author gives us, the want to read more and more and because it’s Ancient Rome. I will read another book someday…

Not an full review but I feel rather tired… If I would advice you to read it? Hmm… There are better books out there set in Ancient Roma but this is not the worst… Try and then come back…
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