Thoughts (I a) 200 Posts - Now what?

This will be my 200 post. Hurray!!
100 of them were posted only this year. What does it mean? I've being reading more but also I've being trying hard to review every book I read for this couple of years. My goal is read around 100 pages per day. I don't think that's hard. I've got some serious problems with computers and TV. I am trying to work this out. And I am winning...

Only this year I've read as much as in 2009 or 2008. So I'm good.

So what's troubling me? I'm leaving some books to read later and even stop reading them. Until 2008 I've never left a book no matter how awful it was. In 2008 I left 7 books. In 2009 I left 15 books!! This year I left two books and I've 10 books that I stop but intented to return. Some of them are good books but I left them there in my table. I am preocupied. I have to many books and maybe because of that I subconscioulsly am lefting books to read later... and never returning. I return to Dune after 6 months later. The same happen to Black Angel by G. Masterton.

Doesn't happen to you as you read a novel becoming sleepy? Even if you are enjoying it? Why?  Anyone got any theories? Thank you in advance.
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