Book Review: Gathering of Bones - Short Story Collection

Title Gathering of Bones
Author Several
Year 2003
Stand Alone or series Stand Alonne
Pages 560
Reading Time 4 days
Rating 2/10

I've never felt so cheated reading a book. I've never have failed to finish so many stories in my entire life. I hated this book with the exception of a couple of ones.
But even those I've ended they felt not that scary or even horror alike. If ths is the best that the masters of horror have to offer I piety them.

The Hanged Man of Oz -- Steve Nagy
The Bone Ship -- Terry Dowling
Li'l Miss Ultrasound -- Robert Devereaux
The Intervention -- Kim Newman 
Blake's Angel -- Janeen Webb
The Obedient Child -- George Clayton Johnson
Sounds Like -- Mike O'Driscoll
The Wind Sall Blow For Ever Mair -- Stephen Dedman
"The Mezzotint" -- Lisa Tuttle
The Lords of Zero -- Tony Richards
Smoke City -- Russell Blackford
Moments of Change -- Thomas Tessier
The Big Green Grin -- Gahan Wilson
Both And -- Gary Fry
Love Is a Stone -- Simon Brown
Memento Mori -- Ray Bradbury
The Mistress of Marwood Hagg -- Sara Douglass
The Right Men -- Michael Marshall Smith
The Raptures of the Deep -- Rosaleen Love
Out Late In the Park -- Steve Rasnic Tem
Bedfordshire -- Peter Crowther
Mr Sly Stops For a Cup of Joe -- Scott Emerson Bull
Finishing School -- Cherry Wilder
Jennifer's Turn -- Fruma Klass
Mother's Milk -- Adam L.G. Nevill
No Man's Land -- Chris Lawson and Simon BrownThe Watcher At the Window -- Donald R. Burleson
Coming of Age -- Joel Lane
Picking Up Courtney -- Tim Waggoner
Watchmen -- Aaron Sterns
Gardens -- Melanie Tem
Under the Bright and Hollow Sky -- Andrew J. Wilson
The Dove Game -- Isobelle Carmody
Tiger Moth -- Graham Joyce

Apart from the ones in Bold I didn't like it. Some of them I didn't finish and others I hated them. Some of them I've heard before and enjoy some other stories or novels. Unfortunally or not this stories didn't work. I think the Horror Genre is a lot different of what it was a couple of years before. It's very disturbing.. This is not the only book that I've checked this out. Many stories are too weird too follow or even to understand. If I had a word for this collection would be Surreal Fiction ( well two words...) Bah.

The only story that delivers what I want it was a short story set in World War I in the trenches and a new definition of Dead's Man Land.
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