Unfinished: Books that I stop reading...

There are some books that I stop reading altogether and couldn't get into the story. I hate leaving a book un-read but sometimes it happens...This is my complete list back from 2006. I have a period in 2009 that I left 10 books in a row. I think I wasn't good on my mind and so I left the books. I wonder why it happens. Sometimes I hate a book but still I read it until the end. Most of this book will have a second try but not now. Maybe in a couple of years when I unpack my things in my to be house. Let us start:
  • Ash, a Secret History by Mary Gentle. This is a book I should have loved. An alternative historical fiction heavily influenced in medieval history. I stop reading twice. I have the book and I will read it in the future.
  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton; I've seen the movie a dozen times at least but the book never appealed to me. I didn't care for the characters and all the history behind with all that scientific terms didn't appeal to me which is strange since I like those themes. Maybe in the future I will give it a try.
  • The Werewolves of London by Brian Stableford. I had these book and I offered it. Sometime later in the future I will buy the book again and read again. It was strange book with deep philosorfical themes.
  • The Dragon Never Sleeps - Glen Cook: To me it was a strange book. I didn't enjoy reading what I read. I don't know if I will ever return to it.
  • The Burrowers Beneath by Brian Lumley - A good book heavily influenced in H P Lovecraft world. I gave the book as well. I will try again later. I have two books with small stories.
  • Earth Factor X - A E Van Vogt - Odd book. I couldn't finish it. It didn't appeal to me. I wonder what was on the mind of the author... or maybe I am the odd one. I will not try it again.
  • The Book with No Name by Anonymous - Such a fuss about this book. Too strange with a strange plot. It remind me of movie El Mariachi which I like. This book I did not.
  • The Devil's Day - James Blish: A book where the world is like ours but all that supernatural is real. It has a good premise but I couldn't finish. I will try again.
  • Knowledge of Angels - Jill Patton Walsh - Another interesting book that reminds me of Tarzan and Mogli goes back to civilization. Unfortunaly something didn't felt right. I will try again later.
  • Only Forwad - Michael Marshall Smith - A good scientific book in a strange world. It had a good premise. I will return later.
  • Bloody County - Curt Selby - A vampire book. I couldn't read it. It felt wrong. Something on the writing...
  • Sweet Silver Blues - Glen Cook - Another book that I didn't could finish even if I was enjoying in the begginning. It reminds me of Terry Prattchett. I will return later.
  • November Mourns - Tom Piccirilli - I talked about this book in December. I said I will try again later this one or another by the author.
  • Blood Eagle - Craig Russell - A detective novel. I couldn't finish. But I will return later.
  • The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham - A Classic but unfortunally I didn't finish. I have the book near me so one day I will finish.
  • Out of the Ashes by William W Johnstone - I should have loved this book because of the apocalpytic theme. I couldn't finish it. Maybe I will return later.
  • Storm Front by Jim Butcher - Interesting premises by this supernatural detective. I will try again.
  • Mass Effect Revelation by Drew Kapyshyn - Good game but not so good book.
  • Age of Ra - James Lovegrove - I only try the first chapters but it didn't appeal to me. Maybe I will return later.
  • To Challenge Chaos - Brian Stableford - Another author that I love. This book didin't work.
  • Jennifer's Goverment - Max Barry - Interesting story. I couldn't finish but I will return
  • Last Nazi - Stan Pottinger - didn't work for me and I will not return.
  • When the wind Blows - James Patterson - Second book by him that failed to me. I will not return.
  • Servants of Twilight - Dean Koontz - Having love some books this one was not that good. But I will return.
Why do we stop reading a novel sometimes? Why do we read a book that we hate then another time we stop reading a novel that we are enjoying? Is it the moods? The phase of the moon? Why? Can you answer?
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