Review: Damnation Crusade, Blood and Thunder, Exterminatus, Fire and Honour and Defenders of Ultramar (Graphic Novels)

After reviewing the Warhammer Fantasy graphic novels by Boom! Studios I read the Warhammer 40k five novels. Damnation Crusade, Blood and Thunder, Exterminatus, Fire and Honour and Defenders of Ultramar. The first three were written by Abnett and Edginton. The last two were written by Grahamn McNeil.

Now for the reviews... The first tale is called Damnation Crusade and is a tale of the Black Templars. There is an interlinked stories of a sword-bearer Gerhart as he batle throught several warzones. Their brethern think he has some flaws that are considered a sin in the Black Templars Chapter. The second tale is of Tankred a dreadnought who battles in the name of the emperor. The third tale is a of a recruit called Raclaw as he fights is kinsman to become a neophyte (a space marine student (?). This tales are interlinked are hinted that Raclaw was Gerhart before he was a battle brother then he was injured and incorporated into the dreadnought where he comes Tankred. The last scene is interlinked with the first as the dreadnought battles a Daemon Prince where he fights and wins.

The second tale is called Blood and Thunder. This is a tale of Orks one of the most interesting because we learn a bit of Orks culture. This tale is set on a planet where the orks are attacking the empire defended by the Tallarn. Ths tale begins as the orks attack and destroy a fortress and capture one of the humans. This human was full of snot and so the Ork leader appreahanded thinkiing that he was his lucky charm. During the chapters we learn of the orks culture as they fight among themselves and against others. We learn of their supersitions and their weapons. It was an interesting tale. The only problem was that sometimes I couldn't read their lines. They were so changed that it was difficult to me to read. Maybe an american or english can read it but I couldn't. This tale ends as it began. With orks fighting humans. There is also three small tales. The first is about the coming of the orks into a medieval-like planet and the deliverance of the space marines. After defeating their opponents the space marines left. In the end the people of the planet were more afraid of the angels.. The Second tale is one of despair. A Space marine left in a battlefield asks for help from the emperor. It's quite nice. The third is another black templar story. 

The third tale is called Exterminatus and his plot follows the first book. After finding two titans on a planet the inquisition comes. After deeming the world for exterminatus after a strange storage with a blank psychic and a chaos marine he searches from where this storage as comes. Here and after being duped he is helped from some unexpected visitors. As he grabs some allies he lay siege to the thousand sons chaos space marines. In this book the inquisition also enlists the help of Black Templars. As I said the first and third story are linked.

The fourth story was Fire and Honour and in this tale of betrayal we meet Cadian shock troopers, Vostroyans and in the opposite field the Tau. This is a tale of betrayal and honour at the same time. As the Cadian are attack by the Tau they learn that they were betrayed by the governor of the battle that is in league with the Tau. It's quite a nice tale.

The fifth and last story is a story of the Ultramarines and is called Defenders of Ultramar. Most precisely the fourth company of the Ultramarines. The same company of Uriel Ventris. This tale sets Ultramarines and PDF against the Orks. I think this tale is set after Warriors of Ultramar book (I think). This tale is quite good but not as good as the other four.

There isn't a best story. I think the first was the most strange and had a twist that gave a nice touch of it. The second I got to know the ork society. The third I got to get into the mind of a Inquisition. The fourth the mind of Cadian and strong feelings of betrayal and honour and the fifth we got to know another space marine chapter. Overall I would give 8 to every story with the exception of the last which I will give 7.5.

On the plus side on all books is the artwork in the beginning and the end of every chapter. Some books also have some drawings in the end of the book. They are quite good and some would be excelent posters. Maybe one day they will be printed in a larger scale.

So the last book to read is the Blood Bowl single book.

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