Small Reviews (8): Smoke and Mirrors, I am Legend, The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin

I will review three more books. I have two more Small Reviews posts on sight. One with Science Fiction books and another with Fantasy ones.

Let us start with a Famous one called Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman. I read this book last year in February. At that time I was at the hospital due to my ashtma where I spent one week. I remember reading a lot. Around 200 pages per day. It was great. Well not the hospital part. The reading one. I remember that this book was lend to me by my neighbourh whom I never met and probably never will. I remember hating the book as well. This didn't made me get away from him so I tried another book a year later called Stardust and again I hated it. The movie was better in my humble opinion.. And before this book I read Good Omens and I enjoy it. But this one was written with Terry Pratchett so... I will try American Gods in the near future. I really hope to enjoy it. Well now for this book... It had around 30 stories. And most of them didn't work with me. There was a couple that I remember but some of them are just a blur. Most of them I just forgot. 4/10

Next the short stories in the book I am Legend. The story I am legend is a classic and one of the best books I have ever read but the short stories that came with it are... well in my view awful. Some of them I couldn't finish. Most of them I hated them. Fortunally the I am legend story is worth the book on it's own. 4/10

Now let us speak of the one book I gave away to C L Werner The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin by Seabury Quinn. Quite good stories. Unfortunally that was the only book I had and I've search the internet and they are quite expense. Can anyone make an omnibus of this books? There are four or five of them. Inside them you can find six stories by Jules de Gradin. I think there are almost one hundred stories with Jules de Grandin. What made him different? Well he is an investigator but with supernatural side. Think of Sherlock Holmes now think him the opposite. His stories are full of curses, voodoo and supernatural themes. They worked. Nowadays I guess nobody knows whom he is. He published most of his tales in Weird Tales magazine alongside Lovecraft, Robert E Howard or Clark Ashton Smith. But he is not in the same league. but believe me when I say if you like those writers I wrote then you will enjoy this one. 8/10

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