Review: Devil's Plague - Mark Beynon

Title -The Devil's Plague
Author - Mark Beynon
Year - 2007
Stand Alone or series - Third book of Tomes of the Dead Series but Stand Alone
Pages - 256
Reading Time - 6 days (June 2008)
Rating - 7/10

This was the third book on this series. The first was Death Hulk and the second  The Words of Their Roaring. The first two books were quite good and so I adventure into the third one straight away.

It is England, in 1651 - The Battle of Worcester. To help him attain a victory over the Royalists, Oliver Cromwell has made a pact with the Devil. In return for his soul, he has been given a fearsome army of the dead - a blood-thirsty platoon of ancient evil...the Kryfangan! With Charles Stuart, the rightful heir to the English throne seemingly killed in battle and his Scottish army slaughtered by the Kryfangan, Cromwell now has control of Parliament. However, by the time the Kryfangan's real identity is revealed to Cromwell, it is too late to stop their relentless killing spree. And when the true nature of the great plague is exposed, London soon becomes a city overrun by zombie hordes. The English must put aside their religious, social and political differences as they find themselves caught between two armies of the dead waging war with one another.

This third book we adventure into a England Civil War in XVII. A turmoil with political and religion ramifications. It is an epoch that I like to dwell upon in my investigations in the internet and books. Cromwell the leader of the parlimentarians makes the same mistake as other ancient leaders and sells his soul (and country) to the Devil and in return the monstrous Kryfanganan army of demonic horsemen tries to the destroy the Royalists led by Charles Stuart. But Kryfangan's victims aren't staying dead. The characters are interesting (in a way). Davenant, Cromwell (the villain) and Mary (not that interesting) and there are others characters but they are quite awful. The demons and zombies well are  also interesting. This is the first of the three novels that zombies look like zombies of the old days. Quite good are the battles between demons, zombies and humankind, specially the capital batlte in london. It's interesting the zombies hating the demons and mankind alike. It's a third way war. It's a nice adition to the series.
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