Movie Week

I've being seeing a lot of horror movies this last week. Some of them were quite a suprise... Zombieland was one of the best. Mix of Zombie Horror Survival Trip and Comedy. It was quite interesting and funny. Paranormal Activity was another great title. This one had no fun in it. It was quite scary. It had been some time since I was scared by a movie. Most of them I find them amuzing but this one.. I don't like spirits... Zombies I'm okay with them. Vampire as well... but spirits, ghosts and paranormal manifestations are a quite a different story. This movie from what I read it had three endings... This was only one of them. Both others were interesting as well. This one makes you think what really happened. The original one has cut and his only avaiable throught the interent. I've seen the new Friday 13th and it seems It won't be the last. In my opinion I didn't like it. It has lost some interest for me. Gnaw was another good tale... Food will never be the same again. The Final Destination was a good treat in my opinion. I always love this series. Death can be a bitch. Mutant Chronicles was good. In spite of all bad reviews I enjoy it. The world the designers created (this is based on a 80th's board game) was quite good. I enjoy revisiting this world. The science effects were not that good but the plot was. Unfortunally not everyone has the same opinion than me. Last house on The Left it's a remake movie but this one was a good remake. Let the Right one In is a swedish movie based on a book. It was a different kind of terror. Not the usually that the anglo-saxonic countries do. But nevertheless it's quite book... the americans have made their own movie that is currently in the cinemas in my country called Let me In. It's quite frequently. They have done quite adaptations from Japonese movies that are way scarier that the american ones. Then after these movies I've seen the old ones... The Wolf Man (41), Dracula, Mummy Frankenstein and The Invisible Man. The next days I expect to see Trick'r Treat, Halloween, and the Monsters of the Black Lagoon (this one is a oldie). Well... That's my movies... In the Series I've been watching House MD; Star Trek Next Generation; Big Bang Theory; Star Wars Clone Wars; Detective Conan and nothing more...


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