Review: The Art of Warhammer

There are some phases on drawings. More cartonnish in the 80's. Some of them remind me of the ealry Fighting Fantasy books. There are some amazing covers in book covers that are represened here. Amazing artists: (in no specific order)
Karl Kopinski
Alex Boyd
Adrian Smith
John Blanche
Geoff Taylor
Clint Langley
Paul Dainton
David Gallagher
Les Edwards

Magestorm cover is one of them by Adrian Smith or Warhammer Armies: The Empire by David Gallagher. There are some black and white that are quite good. Knights and Panther in Warhammer Armies: The Empire in 1993 by John Blanche. One of the best are the covers in Konrad trilogy. Grim and not computer mixed. There are others quite good like one by David Gallacher in 2006. It depicts a Warrior Priest on top of several skulls and dozens of zealots around him. Zealots are always great to drawn. Plenty to discover and paint like nails on their flesh, burns, books and parchments on them and so on.
Emperor Boris's Tomb Barque (pag 61); The Thaumodivinator of the Colleges of Magic (Pag 62), The Soldier's Shiling (pag 63), Automorial of Middenheim Delivered from the Darkness (Pag 64) or Leon Brachwurster's Mechanical Menagerie (Pag 65), Hordes of Chaos (pag 116), Citadel of Chaos (117) are problably the best works on this book. All black and white.

One particular disgusting monster and probably one of the best Nurgle drawings is the cover of the Lost and the Damned. Those monsters with dozen eyes and mouths. Pure disgusting... Some skaven drawings are quite good Skaven Plague Monks (143) or Tomb Kings (151, 152 and 153). The Bretonnian Knights and Armies with their ornated helmets, armour and shields are quite interesting.  (174,175) beautiful. The knights charge in 176,177 is another quite good picture. I would like to have some drawings on my walls with these drawings...The Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves have some quite beautiful drawings. Their green and yellow clothes mixing with the surrounding nature gives them... mystical . One of my favourite drawings is from my favourite Warhammer Book. Gilead's Blood by Paul Dainton.
In the end we've got some spectacular draings with several parties fighting Humans VS Chaos, Orcs vs Dwarves and the last Elves vs Dark Elves. This last is something of something... The pale skin and clothes of the white elves against a stormy background and the full army of dark elves... On the top a dark elf riding a Cold One probably a cape of human or elf skin and in other a pure white horse pegasus's alike and a knight with a white shield and white armour. It's peace to my mind this beautiful painting by Paul Dainton.


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