Review: Blood on The Reik

Blood on the Reik is another great piece of art from the Black Library artists. Every painting is either in black and white coal or a faboulous crafted plates with interesting stories. The only artists that contribuited were John Blanche & David Gallagher. There are some stories that I would like to seem them devolped. Thaliaro (plate no.2) is one of them. An assassin who also is a player on theatres. It's quite good. Hanel (plate no.3) is another great story... A Story about and adventurer that came from Middenheim and went all around the world exploring and adventurer. It would be nice to see where he went. One thing that I wanted after seeing some coal drawings it would be zealots and flagelants stories.

There are other pages dedicated to the wizards. Each order with some coal drawings. Some of them are quite interesting and otheres are rather absurd. The story of Herman Gottz (plate no.6) would be another good story. The street lamps and furniture are quite odd. I wonder what would be like to see in each corner decapitated or human remains on some poles. The punishment devices. The posts with notifications and some rather interesting Crow Posts. It would be awful... The gothic archicture on the other end only makes the world even more grimm that it seems to be. Living in this world would be a terrifying existence. There are other great plates of Motherskin, The Foul Abductor or The Butcher's Son). The some more coal drawings of some friendly races and other humans civilizations and in the end the enemies of mankind like night goblins (good drawings), beastman, animals (dangerous and enemy as well as friendly and of course Mythical creatures). One awesome plate and possibly good story would be Albrechette Wolffpergen (plate 11). An interesting persona follower of Ulric and the old gods. He is a stoic heroe. I think that his tale would be very good to understand the old gods instead of focus all tales in Sigmar. The last plate is about a tree and how it shows in allegory the empire life. Excelent book that makes me understand better the warhammer world and as I read the novels I can make pictures in my mind.


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