Small Reviews (10) Eureka - Substituion Method & Alien

I've always enjoy the TV Series Eureka so when I heard that they were doing a tie-in novel I wanted to try. What a dissapointing it was. No character was portrayed as they should have. Even the story was quite weak. I thought of all the episodes I've watched and I think now that maybe these series don't belong on a printed book. Not like Stargate Atlantis novels or Star Wars. This novel we get to see Carter and all the gang as they try to undo another experiment gone wrong. A machine that substitute something from Eureka with something from the surrounding cities. First some persons are transfered then all buldings. The reason I didn't enjoy was that most of the chapters were some person or thing being transported to another place and Carter, his daughter or Jo going there and trying to contain the persons within. It's quite sad because they did one and then copy paste with different person to dozen chapters. As I said it felt weak even for a Eureka episode. Oh well I can't enjoy them all can I? Maybe the writer was not as good as I hoped. Maybe I will try the second novel but... I don't see myself trying.  I give these book 4/10

Who among us has ever failed to see these amazing movie? I bet none. Everyone has saw at least one Alien movie. The first Alien was quite different from the other three. These one had only one Alien and it was a pure horror experience. This first book had some scary experiements. Who among us will fail to remember the part where the alien erupts from the ribcage of the contaminated human? Who among us will forget the battle between the humans and the android? Or even the sweet cat that went to the second movie? It was priceless movie and forever a icon of Science Fiction / Horror movie. When I bought these book (with the first three tie-in movies) I hope for something more... What a dissapointment. It didn't have anything more than the movie. Some tie-in will never work... Alan Dean Foster can writer a novel that is for sure but maybe not a tie-in. Oh well... What can I say more? 4/10

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