Review: Lord Edgware Dies - Agatha Christie

Title - Lord Edgware Dies
- Agatha Christie
Year - 1933
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone (per se)
Pages - 256
Reading Time - 7 days (September 2010)
Rating - 6.5/10

Sure, actress Jane Wilkinson wants out of a miserable marriage, but is she guilty of stabbing her way out of it? She claims she's innocent. Hercule Poirot wonders if she's giving the performance of a lifetime.

This was the twelfth book I've read by Agatha Christie. After enjoying some of them and not so much other ones I will continue reading them... This was one of my least favourite novels by Agatha Christie.  The story is simple. Jane Wilkinson wants to get rid of his husband so she tries to enlists Poirot to help her. Poirot tries to help her getting a divorce. Meanwhile her husband is killed and she is the number one suspect but she's got an alibi confirmed by twelve persons. So how did she kill his husband or what happenend? I found it hard to detect how she had done it. After reading the novel I saw the tv series and it was a little different. Either way it did not appeal to me. The book was not as good as some of her earlier works. But it wasn't all that bad.
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