Thoughts (VII) Beasts of Chaos or Humans of the Order

What are we capable of doing in our hour of need? I've read dozens upon dozen books and movies with post-apocaliptic worlds, pandemics or end of the world situations.  And most of them've got situations where a character must make a decision that goes against everything he believes.
  • Kill a person to steal some supplies he need
  • Kill a lover or friend because he is infected or in dying-pain
  • Commit atrocities to the Greater Good
  • And so on...
This brings something to my mind. Are we beasts that live in a civilized society and when that society fall we fall as well? Can anyone continue their civilizied behaviour when in dire danger, hunger or peril? Can I kill my mother or sister to save myself? That's the questions I wonder...

We are true beasts in men clothes. Maybe that proverb "Wolves in Sheep clothes" or something like that is indeed true. We do need society and rules. We do need someone who warns if we fall we will be punish. Chaos must not surpassed Order. So must we pray to Chaos or Order? If we are beasts why did we evolve to this fabricated thing? Because we are inteligent? Are the Beast side of us the true human being? What is the better way? Ahh.. the questions... we are indeed apart from every other form of life.
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