Book Review: Blood Ties - Elizabeth Christensen

Title - Blood Ties
Author - Elizabeth Christensen
Year - 2007
Stand Alone or Series - Series SGA8
Pages - 414 (Masspaperback)
Reading Time - Nov 2010 through Jan 2011
Rating - 5/10

Review and General Opinion

Why do I read these books? They are not all that good. The First one Risinig was the worst (here). I also read the Reliquary was the second (here) Entaglement the Sixth (here) and the seventh Casualties of War (here). They are pretty avarage and this one was no difference.

This book was a little different. Instead of adventuring in the Pegasus galaxy in these novel we get to do half the job on earth with Daniel Jackson and Rebecca Larance and Sheppard helping them out. Unfortunally that spoil the book for me. When I read these novels is for the characters. I don't care about the main series (Stargate). The characters on the Atlantis are way good and the adventures as well, not to  mention the Wraith and the ancients.

These novel Rebecca Larance is almost godlike divine being. She is a "real" wonder woman. Not only does she have the ATA gene but another rare gene which explains her own prophecy (bla bla bla).

The plot itself was far fetched even for the stargate universe and we see here the mysticism of Vampires. Yes.. Vampires are a kind of wraiths and even with all historical presentetion given by Jackson was weak. The plot in Iraq was nothing special and all the novel on earth is weak. The only good part was the dinosaurs part happenning on the pegasus galaxy. Quite good.
  • Dr McKay is heavily portrait as a coward but as you all know, even if his words are of a coward his actions are not. He has saved the main cast dozen times and after complaining he is courageous beyond doubt. I really hope the next novels by Christensen are better.
  • The plot was weak and rather far-fetched.
  • Rebecca was annoying and totally unrealistic character
  • Weir and Sheppard are two-dimensional
The characters: Undoubtly the characters are the best part of the novels. To read again a novel with Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon and of course my favourite Dr Mckay (even if this one was awfully bad portrait, and I mean really awful.. a little brat that Weir (another weak character on the book) had to remove him from a science meeting. Awful!!! 
Would I recommend this book to anyone? No. There are so many awful things on it that I can't recommend to anyone unless they are die-hard fans as I am. And even bad canon is worth reading. I really hope the other books are far better.
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