Review: Shutter Island - Bennis Lehane

Title - Shutter Island
Author - Dennis Lehane
Year - 2003
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 414 (Masspaperback)
Reading Time - Nov & Dez 2010
Rating - 8/10

Review and General Opinion
The picture is from the film but the cover from the book is identical. Mind that I didn't watch the movie even if everyone talk about it. After reading the book I watch the movie and I was pleased with both. One can complete the other. Almost everything in the movie is on the book. They didn't get far from it which happens with other movies.

A couple of Marshals arrive on an isolated island that houses a federal prison for insane criminals.They were called to investigate a disapearence of a female inmate. As they start their investigation they suspect that not everything is as should be.  The staff of the prison is not as coopearative as they should be.

As the plot advances we are presented with a hard detective, psychological novel with a strong sense of a noir film. It was quite excelent book. All the investigation, the clues, the choice of words. The ending was another strong point of the book. As I said I didn't watch the movie so the ending was excelent. What a twist of events.

The book was a little different from what I read usually and so I was intrigue with this book. The other novels I've read with a detective is the Agatha Christie's but this was a little different. I enjoy the book with all the twists and megatwists. I would reccomend to anyone who hasn't see the movie. If you have seen the movie then I won't advice these book. Why? Because the spoilers are to great and there isn't anything new on the book. Either way you will be satisfied.
PS: I don't understand why the main character of the film (Di Caprio) didn't win a oscar. He makes a great character and the plot is solid. Oh well... that's the oscars I guess.
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