Small Review: Gates of Madness - James Wyatt

This is a novella spilt in five parts with only 73 pages.

Part 1: Forgotten Realms, The Ghost King by R.A. Salvatore
Part 2: Dungeons & Dragons, The Mark of Nerath by Bill Slavicsek
Part 3: Dark Sun, City Under the Sand by Jeff Marriotte
Part 4: Forgotten Realms, Whisper of Venom by Richard Lee Byers
Part 5: Eberron, Lady Ruin by Tim Waggoner

So what is this?
I am not very versed in the Wizards of the Coast realm. I understand a little of Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms but everythng else is new to me. But this novella is quite good even if I thought strange (because of my lack of knowledge)

Party of Characters
Brenclis - Paladin (Pelor)
Nowhere - Tiefling
Sherimma - Eladrin Wizard
Miri - Axe (Half-Elf)
Demascus- Sword of the Gods (Ioun)
Each part begins with the Chained God (Tharizdun) talking to his servants and for what I learn he was trapped by the combine force of other gods and he is trying to get free. I read it like a adventure from D&D game and It felt like it one. I don't understand what all the fuzz about this thing but okay. I try reading a little on the internet but is all to vague. Strangely enough there are some interesting characters like Brenclis a Paladin, Nowhere a Theifling and Sherimma a Eladrin Wizard. They are helpe by Demascus a strange character which is getting a book by himself "Sword of Gods" by Bruce Cordell.

For what I learn there was a war called the Dawn of War where the Primordial versus the Gods (like the greek mythos of Titan vs Gods) and this Chained god got a beautiful cage in a strange realm/dimension (I think is Pandemonium) for that and now he want's to be free. Opposing there are several characters that worship (or work to) to the deities that imprision him. They leap from one realm to another as they search one way to oposse His minions as they ssearch for a Staff of Opening in the City of the Doors (a place where you can travel to any place you like)
"Tharizdun, the Chanied God, has released the Voidharrow—a liquid crystal imbued with his will and all the chaos of the Abyss—into the universe, and with it comes an engine of destruction and pestilence that twists and deforms beings into chaotic demonlike creatures."
It was good but unfortunally too much information for a guy like me who isn't into Forgotten Realms things.
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