Review: Dead in The Water(Audio) - Sandy Mitchell

Title - Dead in the Water
Author - Sandy Mitchell
Year - 2011
Stand Alone or Series - Ciaphas Cain VIII
Pages - 80m
Reading Time - May 2011

This was my 6th story by Ciaphas Cain. First was For the Emperor, Caves of Ice, Traitor's Hand and Death and Glory. I read Duty Calls but I have yet to make a review. It's one of the most interesting characters out there.

This is yet another tale by Ciaphas Cain and my opinion of the books mantain. It's neither the best nor the worst book released by BL. I heard it twice  and still it doesn't gave anything new or interesting. I have heard four audiobooks from BL and this is the worst yet.

It starts like other books with a prologue or introduction by Amberly Vein and then the tale itself. Commissar Ciaphas Cain is a renowend hero of the imperium and at the same time one of the most cowards commissars in service. The tale begins with the introduction of the setting. A feral river world who needs to be pacified. Of course Ciaphas is on the back of the army and thinking he saw a way out he chooses yet he choose wrong. (Typicall on most books). What a bad decisor guy. The mission is that something is stirring on one of the many islands and he thinks it's easy way out of trouble... By his own words

The part when he travels in a boat is quite good (the sound of Jurgen vomiting and the sound of the boat give someting good) but the battle itself was not that good. There are some parts that make you think/smile (laught is a too strong feeling) like:

"If I had know what I was getting into I would grab my chainsaw and shout "FOR THE EMPEROR" to the nearest enemy fortification".

"Trusting on him on earth but He has more pressing work and he counts only on himself and that's why more pious man are dead and I am writing my memories"

The plot itself is one of the straightforwardest I have ever read on any warhammer or 40k world so nothing suspense there. The reading is quite good and for an non-english native I could understand easily enough. Usually this kind of audio dramas I read them twice (just in case). The voices are good and there is a difference from the older Ciaphas (who is telling the story) and the new ciaphas (who is in the tale) and for that a couple of points.

If you are a long time reader from Black Library and enjoy the warhammer 40k then it is good choice to hear but if you are new I must advice other audio dramas. Thunder from Fenris is a good start.

Unfortunally for me, I prefer books. These audiodramas are acceptable but usually I detest all this modern things. Computer books and such are completly forbidden in my computer. I won't reading it. 

Rating: 4/10
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