Review: Waiting Death (audio) - Steve Lyons

Title - Waiting Death
Author - Steve Lyons
Year - 2010
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone
Pages - 80m
Reading Time - April 2011

This story is the second I read by Steve Lyons. The first was Death World and it was a great story, follow by Ice Guard another good story.

This one we follow a group of Catachans (not the same from the Death World) lead by Colonel Iron Hand Straken as they find a village amidst the battlefield world. These village is untouched by all the war outside and it's people live peacefully. After some problems they relax with the exception of the commander. At night they battle a horde of mutants as they are ambushed but these mutants are somewhat strange because it seems they don't want to kill the Catachans. After some initial skirmishes the Colonel leads the mutants to the villagers where they kill the peasents. After the battle the commander and the catachans start to realize that nothing was what it seem. The villagers were the mutants and the  mutants were Catachans. After a final battle between the Colonel and the main leader of the mutants he lays wounded on the battlefield telllings his memoirs and believing that his men are going to save him and we hear some men approaching him...

This was a nice tale but nothing grandeous. It was quick and interesting. I give 7.5/10.
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