Review: Thunder from Fenris - Nick Kyme

Title - Thunder from Fenris
Author - Nick Kyme
Year - 2009
Stand Alone or Series - Audiobook
Pages - 80m
Reading Time - April 2011

As you all know I don't like audiobooks and even less e-books. I truly dispised them. Black Library launched a new short story about dark eldars and they made it only as e-book. I really want to read because they are my army and favoured race but I won't buy it until it's released as a paper book. 
But audiobooks are another story. I don't like it but I read them because as I work (sometimes) I can hear music. This particular audiobook I heard twice. It was fantastic. I truly want to read in paper version but I can cope with these.


Space Wolves vs Zombies
How can this go wrong?
And I must say it didn't go wrong for me.

I like the voice of the narrator but unfortunally he doesn't change the voice very often between characters. I also felt that the special effects behind the audiobook were poor and was a little let down. But, fortunally Nick Kyme made a good story about Space Wolves that made all worth it.

The story begins in a strange cold enviroment akin to the Space Wolves homeworld. As they battle Nurgle's minions and help the Cadia Imperial Guard, they are searching for a missing brother who may have fallen victim of Wulfen Plague amidst a Zombie Plague that ravages the land. They are space wolves but they are part of an elite of the already elite space wolves called Thunder Wolves. This thunder wolves ride or fight beside big wolves from Fenris. These Wolves are the most dangerous animal on a planet full of monstrosous beasts. 

The brothers then follow the carnifice wrought by the zombie plague and their missing brother. The Imperial Guard troops as they are infected they turn into a mindless zombie but the augmetic space marines are almost imnune to it.  After some encounters with a friendly general and other chaos cultists (including Death Guard space marines) they encounter a daemon, probably the causer of all this plague. Here they do a titanic battle and are helped by their missing brother. After deating the daemon the brother yet again escape. They leave the place of the daemon and follow their brother but they encounter a fierce resistance and only one man stands and he wants to help his Wulfen brother. The audiobook ends with a clinfhanger never knowing what happens to either one.

The characterization is one of the good parts of the novel and we can see that as two battle brothers argue what's the best course of action after they encounter their fallen brother. 

To whom I advice this book? To anyone. You don't need to know almost nothing to fully enjoy this book. The only advice I give you is to search for "Wulfen" state that befells some Space Wolves because the book doesn't fully explain what it is. And yes, there are zombies in the warhammer 40k and warhammer fantasy albeit a little different from the zombies from our "world".
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