Small Reviews: Olde Library (10)

Darkblade: Reign of Blood If Titan was the best from the comics from 40k this one did the same for the fantasy counterpart.What a character Abnett create. Malus Darkblade the infamous dark elf. This comic book was what started it all. The novels are great even if they were done by Mike Lee and not Abnett but I think Mike Lee makes him even better. There are some differences from the novels and the comics but that doesn't upset me. In some way it gives something more to look forward. The 5 novels published so far only cover a third of the comic so there is much to been writen now. From what I read in some blogs Mike Lee is coming back for Malus. Delightful. 10/10

Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat and The Call of Chaos are two comic books with short tales about the olde worlde. The first focus on every single type of beings and professions and the latter independent tales. They are both great I still remember some of them vividly. Unfortunally both suffer from the difference between writers an most important artists. There are some tales that could have been great but the paintings sucks it up. 7.5/10
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